If you have some vintage clothes in your closet you need to sell off, it is important to ensure that the quality of the material is still intact. Make sure that the clothes have no stains and are not torn before you look for a place to market them.

Here are some of the places you can sell vintage clothing:


This is a website where you will be able to list vintage clothing from wherever you are using your mobile phone. The listing price is $2.95 for all items that will cost less than $5 or 20% of the price that has been listed for items that will cost over $15. This price will only be deducted after the sale has been made and the best part is that they will be responsible for the financial transaction, send the prepaid shipping labels and take care of the support services to the shoppers who will buy your item.


This outlet sells a wide collection of clothes and accessories. To sell vintage clothes here, you will upload a photo using your mobile and once a client decides to sell your item, Tradesy will send you a box that has a prepaid label so that the transaction will not be delayed. For items that will cost below $50, the fee charged will be $7.50 and for all other items that will be sold at over $50, the fee will be 19.8% of the selling price.


With this store, you will be sent some clean-out bags where you will put the vintage clothes you want to sell, and once you have packed them, you will send them to the shop. For each item that you send to them, a 20% commission will be charged.

ASOS Marketplace

This is an online shop that sells vintage clothing from top independent brands. Once you list your item with them, a 10% commission will be charged on the selling price. This means you will be making more from your sales here since the commission is less.

As long as your vintage clothes are still fashionable and in great shape, you will never miss a place where you will make some good cash from them.