Why vintage porn is better

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Why vintage porn is better

Breakthroughs in the tech field have opened up new doors never before imagined. Industries all over are being impacted greatly by new technological achievements. The auto, film, medical and numerous other sectors attest to this. Yet through it all, there are those who like to hold on to the past. You also have people who believe that things from back then are better than the new. Whether it is classic cars or even pornography. The last mentioned is at the forefront of a wide debate. Although you have many claiming that new porno is awesome, others have dissenting opinions. For them, they feel as if old porn is superior. They argue that vintage porn movies are much better.

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Another issue is that pornography scenes from the past only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. That is not the case with the porn of today. Most average around half an hour or longer. Viewers often ask why that is since many do not feel such long scenes are required. Old porno did have dialogue which often borderline on hilarious. Yet the girls appeared to go from shy and sweet, to slutty whores in an instant.

Interestingly enough, both men and women agree that the pornography of today has become more violent, rough and hardcore. Still, you have those who argue that nothing beats 3D or VR porn since it is so realistic and immersive. Nonetheless, you also have vintage porn lovers who want nothing but smut from the past.